Which bath is necessary for birds?

Bathing gives the chance to birds to keep up feathers in good state. For these purposes is recommended put up in cage or in aviary glass, ceramic or plastic best bird bath of the suitable size. Such bath shouldn’t be narrow and deep in order that the bird is not drowned, and also to consist from safe for animal materials.

Also for bathing it is possible to use special trays or hinged swimming baths from plexiglas which can be found in pet-shops. It is possible to get acquainted with design of best bird bath in pet-shops, and on the Internet websites. Some handymen can make a tray with own hands.


Traditionally cages for couple or group of small fliers are bigger in length and for convenience of service have several doors. To one of these doors there is an opportunity to attach such bath. It is possible to establish tray out of a cage if the bird freely flies around the room. Then this thing can have an appearance of cup or special saucer. In cold season it is possible to get best bird bath heater which will provide warm water in any weather. Heated bath can also be used outside house so that the wild birds can warm during winter cold weather.

Dimensions of trays for fliers are depending on the size of flyers. Water level for the smallest birdies shouldn’t exceed 1 inch. With a bigger depth small birdies, for example zebroid amadina, can drown. If in a cage or in aviary living poults then it is better to refrain from installation of bath.

Birds adore bathing not only in water. Quails, larks and some other flyer species bathe in river sand which is filled on a cage bottom with thick layer. In the nature this bathing protects their feathers from parasites. Sand can be filled in a separate tray. It is better to make boards of these trays higher as a precautionary measure against littering apartment with sand. For example, height of 6-8 inch is suitable for larks.


In the garden aviary there is an opportunity to arrange the small concreted pool or to make best bird bath fountains. Edges of pool revet with the decorative stone fastened with cement. Floor fills with coarse sand and on it lay over the turf with a green grass. The size and depth of the pool is depending on the size of birds: water level in it shouldn’t be higher than the level of wings, otherwise birds can drown.

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