The bird bath bowl for home and garden

The bird bath bowl – simply irreplaceable thing, because the volatics are very like to bathe and try to maintain a tidy appearance. In order to your feathery friend was comfortable to maintain purity of the plumelets, it is necessary to give him such opportunity and to place bird bath bowl for cage (or special outdoors bath for wild flyers), that made from various materials (glass, ceramic or plastic). Which one to choose is a personal matter, the main thing that it must be safe and liked by you and your pet.

While choosing this accessory be sure that the bath not very narrow and deep as a bird can drown in it. It sizes should be selected proceeding from the sizes of your feathered friend. The water level for small fliers should not exceed 1 inch. This is very important because the greater level of water is dangerous for the life of the bird.


It should be noted that for bathing some bird species don’t use water habitual for most of living beings, but for example – whey wash in river sand.

In that case they need bowl with boards at least 6 inches, in order to avoid dusting with sand entire apartment.

It is also possible to establish stone bird bath bowl for wild volatics outside of your house. In it birdies will be able to drink waters and to bathe. Also bowl that been made from stone can become a design part of the yard side.


Bathing is extremely necessary for flyers because cleaning by a nib not always allows to clear feathers from dirt. In wild life they clear plumelets, by laying down on wet after a rain leaves of trees. Others use plash for these purpose.

And fliers who live in the dry countries take a dust baths. They lay down in the poles filled with dust and start active wing claps, and created cloud of dust absorbs in itself all dirt. After such bathing they shake oneself to drop out dust remains. As you can see bathing for bird – not luxury and naughtiness, but necessary and important process to keep purity of feathers. Therefore you shouldn’t neglect such important accessory. Today you can find a many ideas of bird bath bowl design, and thus you without any effort will be able to choose a necessary accessory for your friend from the feathered tribe which will be pleasant to both of you.

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