Bath for birds in the form of dish – convenient, practical and inexpensive

The bird bath dish is joy not only for our feathery friends, domestic and wild, but for people too. Watching on bathing birds is very interestingly, especially to children.

You will be able to attract to your garden in summer days many flyers with such bath. The look and sounds of streaming water for them – the real magnet! And for you – is not it a pleasure to get comfortable in a holiday hammock and watch on water and birds?


In any weather volatics love to take baths! It is enough to establish a bath for flyers on balcony, and you will be able to watch many bird’s species what will fly to you. And the cartridge with sounds of singing birds isn’t required any more: you already will be able to hear it at any time! Now market provides so many types of bird’s bath. Here, for example – the plastic bathtub in which feathered people with pleasure will clean plumelets and joyfully chirp. It fastens on a balcony handrail.

The bath in the form of dish at look is exactly as stone. Actually it’s made from light thermoplastic. Feature of such tray is that it is equipped with automatic heating (which stops working if water temperature rises to 35 degrees), so it will be suitable even for the fiercest winter. Heated bird water dish will become life saver for wild fliers in frosty days as in such tray water doesn’t freeze. In it fliers can bathe and drink water.

Here it is – an ideal bath for the summer cottage. This tray is made from bronze, and that means that it will serve you many years. The bad weather does not pose any threat to it. Bronze oxidized very slowly and doesn’t emit any harmful substances. Therefore such bath is absolutely safe for volatic health.


Correctly selected birdbath will bring for your feathery friends not only joy, but also can play the decoration role of house or garden interior. On many websites catalog is possible to find bird bath dish 2016 which is popular right now. It will be necessary to make a choice only once and happiness from communication with bird life shall be always with you. You can choose from many standard models or buy exclusive handmade version. Before buying it is desirable to get acquainted with photo of bird bath dish to understand what model is necessary to you, and what design is more preferable what material will better fit into your house interior. The price depends on many factors – quality of the material, size, additional functions etc.

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