How to make the bath for birds diy

If you have free time and desire to give joy to birds, you can make bird bath diy. To all birds – wild and domestic it is necessary to bathe. This procedure helps them to remove dust and lumber from plumelets, to avoid drying of skin and to make the appearance tidier. For this reason feathery friends will be very delighted to ability to take a bath, and you will be able to observe the bathing birds because it is very fascinating show.

To make the simplest diy bird bath for yard or garden, you can take several empty flower pots and pallets for them. Pots we put one on another, fastening them with self-tapping screws or glue and after this on top we installing the pallet. How we have some similarity of a vase. To make construction steadier, it is possible to dig in earth its basis or strengthen it with wooden pegs. Such hand-made from plastic will serve only one season, but ceramic will administer its roles for several years. Don’t forget to add water to a tray in hot summer days.


It is possible to make unusual bird bath diy with mosaic. It can be set on a support, or be near the earth. Such tray is produced from cement which poured in basis (it can be a bowl or a small basin). Fragments of color beaten glass which will remind a pattern of the Roman mosaic are revet on not withered cement.

For domestic birds it is possible can make a bath from a plastic bottle. For this purpose it is necessary to cut bottle in half, fasten it on a plastic pallet (the pallet which is cut off by a bottle size from a flowerpot will be good). In bottle side we cut out a square entrance through which the bird will be able to come into a tray.  On entrance edges we glue the plastic tube cut thus bird will not hurt paws on the sharp edge of the bottle. Then below entrance we attach a wooden pole. All is done. It remains only to fill tray with water and fasten it inside the cage.

The diy birdbath is very easy and cheap way to decorate the yard and garden. Now joyful chirping of birds will always be your guest. You can make the bath with your child – it is certainly will bring him in delight.


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