What kind of garden bath for birds is better to choose?

The bird bath for garden is a fine decision which will fill your garden with bird’s twitter. For what wild birds need a bath? First of all, we should say that in the nature birds receive all necessary water from eaten food. But if water is not enough, they drink dew, rain water, water from ditches and pools. Some little birdies even bathe in dew to freshen up and clear plumage.

But there are cases when your help and garden bath needed for birdies:

  1. In very hot days when all pools and ditches dry up and there are no other sources of water.
  2. In frosty days when all water freezes.

In order to bath can well perform all its functions, try to follow several very simple rules.

  1. Rule of a puddle. Little birds with short pads drink water from puddles and avoid deep reservoirs as are afraid of get drown. The tray has to be not deeper than puddle and bird will not afraid it. The maximum depth shouldn’t exceed 2 inch in the center, and near edges has to be even less. It is convenient for birds, but isn’t really convenient for people as such garden bath will quickly dry up in the summer, and freeze in winter.
  2. The more widely – the better. Many volatics, such as starlings and sparrows arrive to bathe and drink water in the flock. In order to all of them could accommodate, the wide tray is necessary.
  3. It is important to remember that after bathing the bird fly very badly therefore becomes an easy mark for predators. If you have domestic cat, place birdbath in garden far from trees so the cat couldn’t jump on birds. In this case your feathery friends will be able safely dry and fly away.

In the winter water in a tray will freeze. For light frost the situation will save a ball for tennis placed in water. From light breeze it will roll, and prevents water from freezing. For hard frost ice needs to be broken manually.

There are different types of design of bird bath garden therefore it is possible to choose such model which will decorate your garden without any problem. There are also alternative options of bath which are filled with sand. Many volatics in summertime with pleasure bathe in sand, clearing feathers from lumber and parasites.


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