All kinds of bird bath heaters

The bird bath heater is what is necessary for all birds during winter cold in addition to forage. It concerns all – wild birds and birdies living at your apartments. They will be glad in cold season have an opportunity to bathe in warm water. That feathered creatures what live in house often have a non-heated bath, but in the winter temperature indoors become lower, water temperature goes down too, and in such situation to a bird is uncomfortable to bathe. In order to your feathery pet could clean plumelets in warm water with pleasure, the owner can purchase the special heater of water. It will help to maintain stable, comfortable water temperature for drink and bathing of a bird. It is very urgent for exotic kinds (parrots, canaries, munia etc.) that badly endure cold.

Heating device is compact – it does not occupy much space and fits almost any bath for birds. So battery bird bath heater is very small and do not have wires, and it is very convenient as you will be able to be sure that your feathery pet won’t entangle in the wires. The heater heats water to the most comfortable temperature for your feathery friend, it is possible to leave heater in work during all day. It should be noted that this device is absolutely safe for animals and people. The volatic won’t be able to reach a heater, but even if able – then will not take any damage.


Such heater for a bath can be established not only for birds that lives in apartments, but also for wild species. In cold winter time many flyers are forced to eat snow to drink. Bird bath water heater will allow them to drink warm water and to be warmed when on the street is freeze-up. Such devices bigger, have more power, work from an electrical wiring and can work 24/7. If you have fountain or the small pool in your yard, then you can and use for it such ice eliminator. Water will always remain liquid, and any wild bird will be able to drink warm water and get warmed. The thermostat of bird bath heater will always allow you to be aware about what temperature in a bath right now.

Such useful and safe for animal’s health device will make happy all fliers in winter times.


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