How to choose the bath for wild birds

Many people have thoughts of installation bird bath tops on their backyard. This construction not only will attract a flock of cheerful flyers to your yard and will fill it with modulating twitter. Also bath for birds shall be a wonderful part of the design but only if you choose a bowl for a tray correctly.

The main feature of bird bath tops is that it has no support and is situated on the ground. Such variant doesn’t take a lot of place and can be used in different places – near the flowerbed, on the lawn, under the tree, near veranda so it was possible to watch birds, etc. Some people even establish a bowl on the balcony, and birds fly there.


Such tray will be suitable for volatics that can go down to the ground and usually it is rather large birdies. In order to it was convenient to birds the bowl must be shallow and quite wide. It is also important to protect feathery friends from possible predators. The matter is that the wet bird can’t fly away from the enemy such model of bath can’t be purchased in the yard with domestic cat. The solution can be found in high metal gauze through which the cat couldn’t make the way. Volatics will be able to fly from above and to feel safe.

The bird bath tops only is a good decision only for a small yard in which more massive construction will look too bulky. Usually such models are produced from a stone, ceramics, clay and even glass. All these models will serve you not only one season, and will bring delight for you and your feathery friends for many years.

In foliage and on a green lawn the bath created in antique style and decorated with mosaics of natural (or artificial) stone will have very beautifully look. They harmoniously fit into such yard design. If you want to add bright colors to your yard or garden – choose bright bird bath tops of glass. They will look beautiful on the grass and volatics love bright colors.


One should pay attention on replacement tops. They don’t need to be fixed on the ground as they are rather steady. Such bath can be transferred there where it shall have better look in your opinion. It can be put on the ground and on a table or chair. Ceramic bowls in rural ethnic style will look very beautifully on a stub.

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