The maintenance of big birdbaths

The irreplaceable device for all professional poultry breeders is the birdbath. And for the owner of such accessory is necessary to know everything about how to look after bird bath water correctly.

For anybody, of course, is not a secret that to birds bathing not simply part of entertainment, but real need. Bathing is important procedure, it helps poultry to maintain purity of plumage and serves as prevention of diseases because trays serve birds not only as place for bathing, but also as pure water source. And in order that birds in a tray felt comfortable it is necessary to constantly watch on it quality. For this purpose you can install water pump for bird bath – its rather simple and create constant circulation of the liquid in a bird’s bath. This circulation won’t allow water to stand, and the built-in filter will purify it. The pump besides can serve also as bird bath water mover.


The stagnant water is ideal place for multiplication mosquitoes which can carry many human and animal diseases, including lethal to birds. Moving liquid prevents the multiplication of insects, thus keeping the water clean and suitable to poultry.

Bird bath water treatment consists not only in installation of the pump with filter. In any tray, regardless of that it is equipped with pomp or not, water needs to be changed, and tray must be cleaned. Boiled will be suitable for replacement and it is possible to use also the bottled purified. Water needs to be changed regularly and along with replacement it is necessary to make also tray cleaning. In order that cleaning was effective, there are several simple rules. Firstly, it is worth thinking over about arrangement of the tray and to place it there where it will be least subject of impurity, for example – under canopy. Secondly, water when cleaning needs to be completely merged, tray rinsed and then fresh water poured in it, just simple add if clean water isn’t recommended. It is possible to rinse a tray, if necessary, several times, for complete removal of dung and other stuck parts. Thirdly, the tray better to place in a shadow to prevent growth of waterweed and quick evaporation.



If the tray is selected according to the needs of your pet and will have correct and timely care, than it shall serve to you and to your winged friend a long time.

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