Choosing the garden bath for birds

The smallest and most simple reservoirs are black bird bath which are better for placing in visibility limits from your house, then you for hours will be able to admire the feathery guests lapping in water. Their choice is great, so you can find a tray which will look harmonic at your garden without any problem. The tray for a thrush in any design won’t outweigh on itself attention and will emphasize elegance of garden or yard.

The trays for volatics bathing which are available on sale differ in a diversity of styles and constructions. They are fastened on the support, the stand, can be handed on chain or placed on ground. Everything depends on the sizes of the yard, design of a tray and the size of birds which will arrive. So if gregarious birds will be your visitors, then the bowl of a tray must be the wide enough because feathery friends bathe in all they flock. Black bird bath with small size will be suitable for little birds – sparrows, titmouse’s, songbirds.


If you decided to make tray with own hands, then deepen in the ground a cover from trash can, the pallet for flowerpot or big dish. Such tray must have sloping sidewalls so that will allow small birds to bathe at edge, and in the central part depth shall be about 4 inch in order to there been enough place and larger birds. Birds won’t begin to use the tray, if they not feel in safety. Therefore place a tray near some shelter, for example – bush where they could dry up and clean plumelets.

In hot weather watch on water level – it must reach brim. In the winter if water freezes – melt ice. During the long periods of frosts leave a rubber ball on a water surface in order to ice-hole is formed. Never use antifreeze or salt as they are harmful to inhabitants of the wild nature. For black cast iron bird bath or another tray from strong material it is possible to use water heater which melt ice and shall heat water to temperature preferable for birds.

Periodically wash out trays for volatics bathing with clear water, using a brush. Don’t use the washing or chemical means.


If you the conservative person, then good decision for you becomes black granite, iron or marble bird bath which will serve many years.

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