Bath for birds – the best adornment of garden

The blue bird bath undoubtedly is one of the most interesting decorative elements of garden. If you like to watch for hours how birds bathe, construct column on which will be installed tray for birds or place on the ground a bowl for bathing. Set up a tray in visibility limits from the house and with a patio that it was possible to watch birds all the year round.

Most of us like to watch birds in a garden, and such tray will help to attract them. Azure birdies will decorate with their twitter any yard and to look at them is very pleasantly.


Many trays which can be found in shops are made of ceramics, plastic or a stone. These materials are durable (especially a stone) and are steady against influence of the environment. The blue glazed bird bath as uniform color and with the drawing will be very beautiful to look. Glass – material very strong and durable, maintaining differences of temperatures. But it has one shortcoming – slipperiness. Bathe to birds can be inconvenient if edges of bowl are slippery. To avoid such unpleasant moments, at edges of glass bath it is possible to make notches, or to glue rubber sides on which volatics can convenient to sit down.

The cobalt or iron blue bird bath can be forged and have a bizzare shape. The forged tray on the support will become decoration of any garden, will look romantically and please not only birds, but also people. It is possible to add such model with a small fountainlet. Murmur of water will attract feathery flyers, and also to calm the people who have decided to have a rest in a shadow of trees. In cold time it is possible to use a special water heater. Thanks to him water won’t stiffen, and feathery friends will be able to drink water and even have a bathe. The heater works from electricity mains and consumes not much electric power, and also is absolutely safe for animals.

If the bowl on support beautifully looks on a clearing or in a shadow of trees, then blue bird bath bowl can be placed anywhere – near a flowerbed, on veranda and even on balcony. In hot days the volatics will be glad to any opportunity to bathe and drink waters.


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