An interesting variant of the bath for birds which live in large aviaries

In the wild nature birds are very much like swashing in rain water or dew, so why not to organize the similar procedure to your pet. To please feathery friend, it isn’t obligatory to buy expensive toys, because for this purpose there is cat bird bath – device which brings joy both to the bird, and its owner.

It is the best of all to use this tray in large aviary. But at desire it is possible to install it at summer cottage garden or at the apartment balcony. After installation the large number of birdies will surely flown to you, and they will begin water procedures with pleasure, amusing you by doing this entertaining action.


Bathing in scuba cat bird bath brings to birds not only pleasure, but also the avail. Gentle feathers need periodic moistening thus the bird can clean and protect the plumage from pathogenic microbes.

Before sending the pet to bathe it is necessary carefully to prepare everything. For a start it is needed to install steadily the tray so it hasn’t ability to turn over while pet bathing. Pour a little water, with that account that the birdie could wash feathers perfectly, but not drown. After all of this can send birdie to bathe safely.

Process of bathing depending on nature of the bird and can take rather long time, but it won’t become a problem for the owner at all. On the contrary, it will be possible to watch long at this action enjoying pleasant chirping of pet or to go about the own business for this time. After bathing plumelets don’t need to be wiped, they will perfectly dry up on air. Tray can be simply rinsed and taken away until next need of bathe. But it is possible not to take away birdbath allowing to birdie make decision how long and how often volatic will swashing. From you needed only periodic replacement of “water resources”. Thanks to pure water in drinking cat bird bath it is possible not only to bathe, but also to drink waters and that is very urgent, especially in hot days when birds are especially tormented by thirst.


Cat themed bird bath is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. It has small weight and doesn’t take a lot of place. Because of the unusual design the tray will be not only regular means for water procedures, but also a pleasant decor for the birdie habitat. The tray will become excellent purchase for you and a great joy for all the feathered.

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