The wild birds bathing and trays designed for this

For each bird it is very important to keep the feathers clean and the deck bird bath is the best way to help them in this case. Feathers of fliers have property to wear and tear. In this reason they need so to make water procedures. This is helps to humidify feathers, to clear them from dust and dirt.

For domestic birds the problems with bathing doesn’t exist – careful owners always worry about that the procedure been took place at least once a week. To wild fliers an opportunity to plashy in clear water does not appear. Therefore they often use dirty reservoirs (paddles, gutters) for such purposes. This promotes that the volatics can become infected by various diseases that threaten their lives. In the nature not always in proximity there is a reservoir with clear water. Therefore installation of deck mounted bird bath in your yard or garden will please more dozens of wild flyers.


The water poured in the tray needs to be changed periodically because often volatics use water in which they bathe also for drink. If water is too dirty – it can badly affect on the health of bird. Water temperature has the great importance to birds too, so it shouldn’t be cold. To not constantly heat the water, it is better to use heated deck mounted bird bath. In this case, you will no longer have to worry about is that the water has cooled down. Also flyers always will have in access the water source with an optimum temperature.

Dont forget about the hygiene: the tray for bathing should be washed thoroughly at least once a month. Usually enough washing with a brush under running water, but if this does not help then necessary to use disinfectants. After that the tray needs to be rinsed carefully.

The trays made for bathing can be found in various variations. Therefore you will have no problems with the choice of design which would fit to your yard or garden. Also various ways of trays fastening allows establishing them in any place, convenient for you. Trays which fasten to handrail can become not only rescue for wild volatics, but also excellent decoration of your house ladders and balcony. The clamp mount deck bird bath – example of tray which is simple in use, but give a lot of advantage to the environment and its inhabitants.


Installing trays on handrails of houses or verandas you give a possibility of bathing in clear, warm water to all wild birds.

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