Interesting ideas for bird’s baths

If you have feathered pet a long time, then you certainly heard about baths for birds. And as well as in many other in the choice of baths there is a set of the interesting original ideas – for example handmade bird baths. Such direction represents handwork items. It is ideal for people who prefer original design instead of ordinary. In literal sense it means “do it yourself” or DIY, but not be upset if you want an original bath for birds, but afraid that you cannot do it. At the Internet open spaces you without any effort will be able to find the good master which consider all your preferences and be able to make the original bath which is ideal for you for feathery favorites.

Among factory-supplied trays there are also many original variants. To such variants can be attributed, the quite common gnome bird bath. These baths are characterized by the small size and differ from others by decoration with figures of gnomes. Figures can be the most different sizes, from small (almost hardly noticeable) to large which play the role of tray pedestal. With such tray, you will stand out from the other owners of outdoor birdbaths, and it will engage the views of your guests. Trays with figures and images of various small animals also are similar to these trays: hares, rabbits, dogs, squirrel and others. Such trays look very cute and best of all are suitable for families with children, because figurines of gnomes and animals even further involve children in to the observation of winged guests.


Small hanging trays can become one more interesting decision – for example mounted bird on fence bath. These baths are made from plastic, metal, glass or wood and as the name implies they are hung on fence by means of bracket. Such trays have small size, so they don’t demand a lot of place and will attract the flock of small (generally singing) feathery.

Among the numerous ceramic baths for birds it is possible to find original options too. In particular, echoes bird bath will become excellent decoration and addition to the interior. These trays made as wide and shallow ceramic bowl, the bottom of which is decorated with wave-like texture. The stand of such bath is very low or just non-existent. Such variant of trays will suit people to whom bird’s observation is hobby and the way to relieve stress.


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