The use of trays for bathing in the life of any domestic bird

Careful owners of feathery pets must to think about buying or creation homemade bird bath for their pet. The possibility of bathing in their life is very important. They need to periodically moisten plumelets otherwise they will dry up, and the dried-up skin is bring severe discomfort. Anyway birdie which regularly rinsing the feathers has much cared-for look. Splashing in water gives to your feathery favorite great pleasure. The owners also get share of positive emotions by looking at their feathered friends frolicking in the bath.

Ideas of homemade bird bath are presented in a wide variety. And their size depends on the pet’s size. At desire it is possible not to bother and buy tray made from plastic, ceramics or glass. But it should not be deep, otherwise the volatic can drown. It should also not be narrow – such thing will deprive pleasure and complicate bathing process.


Small birdies especially like to bathe. And they somehow understand at once for what reason cage has appeared container with water. They do not need any instructions! Only what required from owners it is to follow up one thing – the tray must stand far from a feeder in order to not wet the forage. Also it is possible to create special homemade bird bath fountain as the volatics love very much the silent noise of current water. Sound of the murmuring water attracts them, and they aspire to it.

Hinged bath are very convenient. They take do not take up a lot of space and fasten to cage wall. In modern “houses for birds” especially which are intended for living in it two and more birds, provided the special aperture for bath. Such hinged bath is closed from three sides and that protects forage and walls of cage from splashes which will make your feathery bather. On this reason we recommend such variant.

The homemade bird bath spray can be used for bathing too. But take into account – water in it must be almost hot because after being sprayed, it cools down. Also is necessary to direct streams of splashes above bird, not right on it.


As you can see there is a lot of variants and you will be able choose from them those which will be ideal for your pet and for you too. And it is unimportant will be it handmade or item bought from shop, the main thing that it must brought joy to you and to your pet.

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