Tips for making the trays for birds bathing from different materials

If you are the owner of the feathered friend and wondering about how to make a bird bath, then this article will help you very much. For a start it is necessary to be determined with form and design if the tray you want to make. There is a mass of variants. For example, many fans of birds are interested in how to make a birdbath out of wood? To create such tray it isn’t necessary to have any special knowledge. You must to prepare a sufficient amount of wood and all the necessary woodworking tools. Next, you need to prepare project on which you will do your job. Such project you can create by yourself or use examples from literature or from the Internet. Once the bath is formed into the desirable shape then its surface need to be processed and coated with varnish or paint.

The varnish or paint needs to be chosen very attentively because bird during bathing can satisfy thirst and with water can swallow pieces of paint or varnish. Low-quality and unsafe coverings can cause symptoms of the poisoning and if not to give to bird help in time, it can die. Therefore the choice of the varnish or paint is very important. It is possible to decorate a tray by the most different methods – for example it can be enameled with paints or decorated with burning out pictures with using special machine. In any case, you create a unique device that is will necessarily please your pet. To answer the question how to make a birdbath out of cement, it is also very easy. To create a cement bath you need a solution, instruments and planning of workflow. The work must be done with special attention in order to avoid mistakes in proportions when mixing the solution and all is done right the final result will not disappoint you.


In the case of correct calculations, so the bath can be installed indoors or outdoors – everything depends on your preferences and capabilities. It differs by great durability and solidity thus it will serve to you and your pet the very long term.

In the end, there is a wish to tell that whatever material and technique you choose to make the tray for bathing birds if the entire workflow has been carefully planned, the result of the work you are will surely please you. You will be proud of your exclusive work which will bring joy and benefit to your feathery pet, and you will not think about issues such as “birdbath how to make?”. Because you already have the best birdbath ever!


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