Yellow bird bath tips and photo 2016

Imagine your wife ask you to find yellow bird bath on your garden. Enjoy!

The purity of the tail in nature bird maintains a dip in the shallow puddles, dust, wet leaves. At home, the parrot conditions for these purposes suitable wet lettuce, the jet from the kitchen faucet. Securing bird baths in a cage for birds, you make sure it is – civilized option.

Birds bathing frequently drink water – it should not be dirty: our designs are protected by a roof. Baths for birds not allow spray flying in all directions – not feed gets wet. For poultry reflection before bathing – accurate step or perch at the entrance. All bird baths for birds is easy to clean. In some designs, the size of the inner chamber is adjustable. Yellow bird bath very interesting to be the one.

Tips for construction yellow bird bath:

  • Do not make a tray 5-7 cm deeper. Birds does quite a bit of water to cool off.
  • Fill the bath should be clean, fresh water. Change it should be every few days.
  • If the pool of algae or mold appeared, when changing the water they need to be removed with a small brush.
  • Position the bath in a place where the birds can easily find it.
  • From the height of the bath depends on the placement, what kinds of birds will be guests of your garden. From time to time, the tub can be moved in order to understand how far from the ground, it is best to position.
  • Place the trays suspended at such a height that it was easy for them to care: to pour water if necessary – clean.
  • If next to your plot is a forest, you can locate the pool of lower – suddenly it will lure the squirrel.

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