What feeders for bluebirds you can buy or make by your own hands

Extra feeding of feathery friends by using bluebird feeders – the noble mission of a person who is annually saving from starvation hundreds and thousands winged creatures.

No matter, where lives a person – in high-rise block or in the private house, in the downtown or out of its line – the feeding can be placed on balcony or on window sill, to hang up on branches of trees or bushes, fasten to fences or to set up on column.


In pet-shops it is possible to get most different bird feeder models with design styles as in finished form, and in the uniform of “designers”, however, there is nothing more simply, than to make them diy. A small amount of forage will ruin nobody, and any person will be able to make a self-made bird feeder. Only just try to look attentively around and the decision about creating of the elementary feeder for birds will come by itself.

Daily people throw out hundreds of empty tetra packs – packages from juice, milk, yogurts, etc. But it is almost ready feeder.

It is only needed to cut window in sidewalls and hang up the “constructions” on a branch of tree and to fill with forage – blue bird feeders are ready.


It is possible to complicate construction for a little and to make it more extensional. From one package create the bottom and from another – duo-pitch roof of feeder.

To connect details among themselves just use ordinary office stapler or wire brackets. Homemade blue bird feeders will be pleasant to a birdie not less than a feeder from pet store. To birds is all the same from where eat – if only the feeder located in the safe place and have food in it. Having even minimum of tools and materials it is possible to make the best wooden bluebird feeders easily.

By and large, even the simple plywood tray with the small boards protecting forage from wind blows can already play the role of bird’s “dining room”.

However it is more expedient to furnish it with roof so the food won’t become wet after rain. You will find great variety designs of wooden feeders for birds – the choice of some concrete option depends only on the level of skill and on availability of necessary material.

It is very good if you have possibility to protect feeder from strong wind by equipping it with boards from at least two or three sides.

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