Variety of decorative bird feeders

If to think properly, then practically everyone in the childhood fed up birds in the winter. Now for this purpose decorative bird feeders perfectly will come in handy. At that time, we just poured forage for feathered directly on snow or hung cropped bottle with grain on the branches of trees, but now everything has changed, time doesn’t stand still. The decorative bird’s feeders will be not only the place where birds are able to have dinner, but also will become good decoration of your country house.

Such devices most often installed in the yard or garden, but also it is possible to place them on balcony of your apartments. Decorative outdoor bird feeders can be made by own hands or purchased in specialized shops for animals. There are many materials which are used for production of decorative feeding troughs for birds: wood, plastic, metal, glass and others.


The most popular variants are decorative wooden bird feeders on the pole. Such feeding trough consists of a various height pole (usually 5–8 ft.) and platform installed on this pole. The platform of decorative feeding troughs has carved roof established on supports. Also there are feeding troughs which platforms are executed in the forms of small lodge. Such lodge can have partitions which divide it into separate cells, and several different entrances. It can be several platforms located at one or different height. Such feeding troughs can become for our winged friends temporary housing – not just the place for a lunch. The wooden device will perfectly fit into an exterior of the yard or garden. Thanks to the pole it is possible to install them anywhere, in any place of garden or yard. One more benefit of such birdfeeders.

The hanging feeding trough can become one more interesting decision. This birdfeeder can also be made from wood. For example, it will be very good to look the feeding trough made from integral log. The log core must be accurately notch out and cleared. After this the feeding trough is ready to be hanged. The hang decorative bird feeders from glass will be another good idea. Through transparent walls it is much more convenient to watch birds. It will be best of all to hang a feeding trough on the tree branch, but not lower than 5 ft. above the ground. Such height is optimum to protect volatics from predators, for example cats. So they won’t disturb your feathery guests, and it will be more convenient to you to watch on them.

Decorative feeding troughs will adorn your house and invite to you whole companies of flyers. And perhaps to watch birds and feeding them will become your favorite pastime.


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