Funny ideas for bird’s feeder

Unfortunately, in winter time many birds have no opportunity to find to themselves livelihood and shelter, and very much need the help of humans. Therefore many fans of winged try to give them feasible help by purchasing and installing funny bird feeders and other similar products. Variations of such devices there is quite huge, but the main thing that they must correspond to some parameters. First of all they must to be made of qualitative and solid materials which will be able to serve long time and be steady against adverse factors. It is also necessary to pay attention to that the feeding trough was with a roof, or any other protection of forage against moisture and vermins.

The choice of forms and a design of a feeding trough also plays important role. For example, the products as funny squirrel bird feeder have very interestingly looks. They are often installed on the street because such feeding troughs perfectly fit into yard or garden design and have peculiar, unusual ornament. These feeding troughs are often executed in quiet color scale which does not frighten off birds but on the contrary only attracts them. It is desirable to place such feeding trough in the secluded place that nobody and nothing prevented birds to eat. Over time birds will remember the place in which it is possible to find tasty forage therefore you will be visited even more often by new winged guests. One more unusual kind of similar devices is hilarious zombie bird feeder. Such feeding trough most often is fasten to the tree trunk or hangs on its branch. The place for forage usually is in the so-called stomach area of the zombie therefore for the feeding trough has the expected effect it must be filled with worms, larvae or caterpillars.


If for purchase of feeding trough you have no desire or an opportunity, it is possible to make diy birdfeeder. On open spaces of the Internet there is many video about funny bird feeder which can inspire you on creation of interesting and original feeding trough. Such feeding trough can be made from any material with which it is pleasant to you and convenient for work. For this project special skills or tools are not necessary. The main thing in creation of such device is desire, diligence and little spare time. If work is accurately performed and done with love, you surely will receive the expected result.


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