Pumpkin feeders for birds

You take care of birds and think about purchasing a feeding trough for them? Then it is worth learning more about such option as gourd bird feeder. Birds feeders made of the most various materials now: plastic, wood, glass, polycarbonate and many others, and even pumpkin can also be a base for feeding trough.

The feeding trough can be used not only for feeding of domestic birds, but also for feed up a wild winged. Usage of pumpkin for this task will be uncommon and very original decision. For example, such feeding trough before Halloween and All Saints’ Day will be very opportune. For a country house there will be enough a simple gourd bird feeder diy. About how to make such feeding trough the speech will go below. Execute a feeding trough from pumpkin is absolutely simply, for a start it is necessary to pick up rather big round pumpkin. The solid rind grades are best of all suitable for this task. From pumpkin it is need to cut off a top or to cut one or several small windows in side and to take out seeds and pulp with spoon. In several days when pumpkin dries, it is possible to paint a feeding trough in any color which more pleasant to you, and decorate it. After that the feeding trough should be hanged approximately on 3-4 ft. from the ground and filled with seeds – be sure the feathery guests won’t keep waiting themselves long.


If you have no desire or an opportunity to do a feeding trough diy, then it is possible to buy it. Feeding troughs in shops can be in different colors and shades. Also it can be a pumpkin covered with thin varnish coat in so-called natural color or it can painted gourd bird feeder. Options of coloring are quite enough and it is always possible to choose the most suitable color. For example – the feeding trough painted by luminescent paint which glows in the dark have very unusual look.

Besides feeding troughs of usual form there are also alternative options. An example is whale gourd bird feeder. It as well as an ordinary feeding trough can be made easily by own hands or purchased from shop. For creation of such feeding trough you need not round-pumpkin, but pumpkin-guitar. Exactly thanks to the form of pumpkin-guitar is possible to make the feeding trough in the form of whale. Such feeding troughs often painted in blue or gray color, and the lower wide part of it imitates the head of whale with drawn eyes on it. In its turn top imitates back part of whale and its tail. Such feeding trough looks very unusually and originally.


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