How to make feeder for big and little birds DIY

It is very often possible to find in shops the small size feeders, but how to be if you need large bird feeders for your garden in which there are a lot of different birds? After all it is pleasant to enjoy the sounds of nature and listen lively twitter of feathered tribe near own country house. To attract in the house yard or garden these assistants who destroy various wreckers it is necessary to prepare for them small “gift” — a feeder. This is especially important in the winter, because winter time – the real test for birds. Under the snow layer to them is quite difficult to find forage for maintenance of vital forces. The feeder will become lifeline for birds in winter months when they are forced to struggle with frost and hunger. There is a set of options how to make a feeder with own hands, allowing to make original designs from improvised materials.

The range of ready feeding troughs is rather wide. But not always possible to find what is necessary in it. Plus is much more interesting to involve imagination and try to build original and nice construction from unnecessary improvised materials. And for this purpose you for certain will be needed blueprints of large bird feeder, so we strongly recommend you to get them. Besides to this useful and exciting work you can involve the whole family. And no matter what kind of large bird feeder ideas you decide to implement it must have:

  1. Roof which allows protecting the forage from falling-out water precipitates. Wetted by snow or rain forage quickly becomes unsuitable to the use.
  2. The wide opening which allows birdie to penetrate easily into feeder and get out of it.
  3. Resistant to the increased humidity and temperature difference material which use will allow you to create the able to serve many seasons feeder.

Thus, you aren’t limited only by wooden building material. In fact the feeder can be made from anything.

Wooden bird’s feeders in the form of tiny lodges are made from boards and moisture resistant plywood. Also it can be variant in which provision comes to bird’s “dining room” in the portions and that considerably facilitates to the owner supervision for volatics.

If you decided to create wooden large bird feeder diy – for connection of details it is best to use wooden cants, glue and ordinary self-tapping screws. Corners surely should be processed by emery paper. For arrangement of perch try to use the small round plank which fastens to side edges in the drilled openings.


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