Metal bird feeds – the reliable choice

Tubular metal bird feeders will bring a lot of pleasure to your feathery friends. And it is unimportant where these friends live – at your home or in the wild nature outside the window. The feeder construction is such that from it at the same time can eat at the same time several birds, and grains will always remain dry. These feeders are very simple in use and exclusively popular among inhabitants of multiple-dwelling houses which sometimes banal don’t have place on balcony to hang up a feeder.

With this feeder you will be able to observe outside the window big a variety of bird’s species. And in house such device also will be useful if there live two or more small birdies.


The sizes of a birds feeder can be the most different, some contain only 1 pound of grain or seeds and very small and convenient, but also there are those which can contain at once about 11 pounds of grain or other forage. With such big devices you will be sure – there will be no lack of feathered visitors, arriving for food to you. Quite often these feeders have baffle for metal bird feeder installed on them.

In dependence of distance between rods in such devices, it is possible to understand for what forage type it is intended. With big distance – for sunflower seeds. And the metal bird feeder ports with smaller size are intended for thistle, niger seed or other cereals.

But regardless of that what size of your feeder or for what grains it was intended, it is necessary to change forage in it at least every two weeks. If not to do that, then part of seeds which are stored there will be banal deteriorated. After eating the spoiled kernel the birdie can get sick and even to die. Also birds it is the famous neatniks and they won’t eat from dirty feeder with the spoiled grain and will stop arrive to you.


It is also important to remember that when you replacing the old forage it needs to be always poured out completely (even if it isn’t all eaten yet). Fill feeder only with new forage. With that you will be able always to maintain purity of your feeder and to take care of bird’s safety. But all this isn’t difficult to make at all – the tube metal bird feeder tray is absolutely simple to clean and it is literally matter about couple of minutes.

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