Bird feeders on the pole – an easy and convenient way to help our feathered friends

Since ancient times the feed up of wild birds was the most popular activity of the people which love the nature. It was the most different feeders from clay nesting boxes in medieval Europe to wooden feeders the later period, but now the most convenient decision are pole bird feeders. Feeding of volatics will be quite good pastime for children and adults both. Observation of wild flyers will engage children for long time and distract from the computer games. Also it shall give to parents the chance to rest.

The garden, yard and apartment balcony will be suitable for the decorative pole bird feeders installation. They can be made diy, or purchased in specialized pet shops. The simplest options are wooden pole bird feeders. Creation of such device won’t make big work and don’t take a lot of time when using such simple materials as plywood and wooden bars.


Purchasing the pole bird feeders from metal will be other good decision. The metal construction is more reliable and will serve much longer than wooden devices.

The pole bird feeders construction is simple. From above on the pole is installed platform on which placed a forage for birds. Depending on that what volatics you want to attract this forage will be a miscellaneous: suet, seeds of various plants (most often of sunflower, oats and wheat) or meat pieces for birds of prey. The canopy on platform is better to place a duo-pitch so it will protect forage from a rain and wind. Its form most often square, more intricate forms are inexpedient. Also it is possible to place in a feeder the container with water thus shall unite feeder trough and drinking bowl in one thing. The best height for installation of platform will be from 10 to 20 ft.

In addition to simple devices, there are also more difficult variations. Many-tier feeding troughs can be an example. “Multiple-dwelling” bird’s feeders on a pole also will look not bad. Each cell-apartment in such feeder can have the separate entrance. These options look more interesting and esthetic in comparison with other lodgings for flyers.


Pole bird feeders have several advantages before other types of feeding troughs. The high arrangement of the platform will protect winged dwellers from cats, dogs and other pets capable to do much harm to them. Their second plus is in what that it possible to install such feeders in that place where it is most convenient to you.

Don’t refuse to yourselves in pleasure to watch birds. In the modern world it is one of the few methods to bring the human closer to wild nature.

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