Variants of bird feeders squirrel proof

The squirrel proof bird feeder can become very useful thing if you live in the area where many rodents are. And for this reason it is quite probable that you faced such problem as theft from the forest bird dining room. When such places of feeding are available to rodents the squirrel can easily damage the plastic or wooden feeding troughs if at the bottom there is not so many grains left and it is difficult to get them without birdfeeder damaging. Purchasing of expensive feeding troughs which made from stronger materials in order to the “forest hooligans” couldn’t damage them is not the best option. Most likely you thought how it is possible to fight against such robberies of the forage for birds and how save it from squirrels and other animals. The feeding trough with protection against squirrels will be the excellent solution of such trouble. Thanks to it your feathery friends forage will be in safe.

Nowadays there is many variants of squirrel proof bird seed, but how to choose which will suit you best of all? In fact such places of feeding are equipped with system which will prevent rodents to get into feeder or to pull out the forage. As all of them perform the same almost equally function there not important what feeding trough you have chosen – most importantly that it is fully consistent to its intended purpose.


Of course, it is possible to purchase more budget option. But so the budget feeding troughs are less strong and also have not rather reliable protection against rodents, so on the expiration of a short period you should to replace them. Therefore it is better to spend a little more money, but to be sure that your feathery friends with guarantee will receive their food.

If you are friendly with tools and have some skills in using of them, then to you it is possible to make squirrel proof bird feeder pole diy. Such option will be much cheaper than purchasing feeding troughs and you will be able to build such birdfeeder which most of all pleasant to you. And also to such diy made device is possible to equip with additional protection against rodents and other adverse factors. Doing it by own hands, you have the widest range for the choice of your birds feeding device suitable design. If you have difficulties in ideas of squirrel proof bird feeder and drawings, you with ease will be able to find examples of them at the Internet websites.


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