Catchy protection against squirrels of bird feeders

The squirrel resistant bird feeders are just an irreplaceable thing if you live in the area where many these rodents and they steal a bird’s forage. Actually, its purpose is already clear from its name. Probably, many fans of feathered flyers faced such problem when squirrels not only eat the forage for birds but also damage feeding trough, especially, if it made from plastic or wood. Therefore, it isn’t surprising why squirrel proof bird feeders so popular.

Now there are many different types of feeding troughs with protection, but structure of all of them are almost identical. They are equipped with mechanisms which prevent invasion of unwanted guests, but for protection it is possible to use not only them. Now also have big popularity the feeding trough which has more reliable characteristics. In case of the choice of such variant, pay attention to feeding troughs from those materials which squirrels won’t be able to damage. For example, metal, concrete, glass or ceramic devices for feeding will become a serious barrier to rodents on their way to a delicacy. But if you need the really effective protection, then in this case is not to do without special mechanisms.


For example, spinning equipped squirrel proof bird feeders mechanism which is crated for prevention of squirrel’s invasion to a bird’s forage, is one of the most widespread problem solutions, connected with these annoying rodents. If such invader jumps on the device for feeding, then it will only be able to grasp the ring that rotates and will be unable climb further, because of inertia after the jump ring will be spinning until squirrel don’t jump off away from the feeder. In other words, the probability of squirrel easy entering to feeder is very low, and this is means that all the stored forage for volatics, as well as feeding trough itself will remain intact.

Squirrel resistant bird feeder rating is high enough and of course for a good reason. Judging by feedbacks, such device probably is the most effective solution of the squirrel invasion problem. After purchasing it, you will forget about this problem at all and will be able to test on yourself all benefits of the feeding trough for birds the equipped with protection against squirrels and your favorite birds will always have the forage.


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