Interesting variants of bird feeders

From school bench everyone knows that some birds in winter fly away to more warmly regions. And to make happy those flyers which are stay at your region, you can use devices of Woodlink Company which is engaged in woodlink bird feeders production more than twenty years. They without effort will make happy all volatics in your district and will give you the chance help them to survive. This company, in addition to production the feeders and nesting boxes from the reworked materials, also imports and sells other products for flyers from metal, plastic, glass and a cedar.

The woodlink tube bird feeders purchasing will be the good idea. The tube can be made from different types of plastic and polycarbonate in various color options and forms. The transparent bird’s feeder from plastic is ideal for observation of winged friends. The Woodlink Company now offers the whole set of woodlink tube bird feeders variants among which everyone can choose a suitable copy. This is the best opinion if you don’t want to do it diy or the type of a self-made feeder is displease you. Such type can be used to attract only small birds (sparrows, titmouses), for attraction of larger species it is worth paying attention on other variants.


Another interesting decision becomes the woodlink caged bird feeders. Such device represent cage in which forage is placed. Cages made from metal wire (copper, aluminum or stainless steel). They are hanging on tree branch or on any other convenient to volatics place. Such feeder can become not only “the bird’s dining room”, but also can play role of the temporary accommodation place for bird. These feeders are larger than tubular variants, so it is possible to expect that they will attract larger flyer species. It should be noted that woodlink caged bird feeders from metal wire have proof from squirrels and other animals.

On the website of the Woodlink Company you will be able to get acquainted with photo of woodlink bird feeders. There you will be able to find others that are not described above, variants such as: high-strength feeders, nesting boxes and devices made from cedar and other types of a wood, humming-bird feeder and various accessories.

Do not deny yourself in pleasure to feed up volatics and to observe them. It can become good entertainment for children, fascinating hobby for adults and just good decoration of your yard or garden.


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