How to make bird feeder for woodpeckers DIY

If in your area there are a lot of woodpeckers and you like to watch on them, then woodpecker feeder will be extremely useful to you. Such device easily will draw attention of a great number of birds of this sort and you will be able always to please them with forage. If you have become interested in the idea of placement of a feeding trough for woodpeckers at your yard, then of course, you can purchase it in pet-shop or from the Internet, but much more pleasure you will get, if you make it yourself by own hands. And if you decide to take up this matter, the first thing you need to make sure that you have plans of woodpecker feeder. In our digital age, it does not make difficulties, although it is also possible to build a device for feeding by own drawings and fit it to your opportunities, materials and design. Thus you can make such feeding trough which completely will suit you in all respects.

There is quite easy way for woodpecker feeder diy creation which is called “log for woodpecker”. The small tree stump needs to be split in half into two parts. At desire bark can be removed, but with bark, it will even be better. Further it is necessary to drill in one row few small deepenings in 1-2 inches. It is desirable to make these deepenings inclined in order to forage for woodpecker does not spill out. On the flat opposite side you need to place an apparatuses for fastenings (for this use the wire oylet). After all work is done, you can safely install the feeder for woodpecker.


If you have no desire or time to do the device for woodpeckers feeding by own forces, then you can simply buy it. Perhaps even in the local supermarket you will be able to found exactly that device what you need. Also such feeder can be purchased in the online shop but if you choose the purchasing from the Internet, it is necessary to pay attention to feedbacks and estimates, and also to careful read the description of purchased item. Thus you will be able to pitch upon best woodpecker feeder and not to feel disappointment from the spent finance.

By placing in the vicinity of your home the woodpeckers feeding trough, you can always watch on these birds, or even make an interesting photo shoot with them. For feed, you can use almost anything what birds eat, ranging from grain to even meat. Woodpeckers having enquired about the place where they can always find food become real habitues of your yard. Thanks to the fact that the feeder is maximally close to the location where this birds are searching food, they will easily orientate themselves in current situation and pay attention on such device for feeding.


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