Feeding of wild zebroid finches

The zebra finch bird seed – this is a grain mix which optimum suitable to these little birds. Ideally the grain regulation for such birds consists from 60% of this cereal of white, gray, red, and also yellow color and another 40%  make – porridge, canary or linen seeds, and from set of various wild-growing plants, herbs and weeds. But on the other hand zebroid finches badly eat red millet, but it is very useful to them. It contains a large amount of carotene (pro-vitamin A) therefore availability of such grain is extremely obligatory. The forage grain mixes to zebroid munias can be made by own hands in home conditions or be purchased in the nearest pet-shop or market. Surely it is worth paying attention on that the forage must be just for your specie of bird. As example – grain mixes for wavy parrots and canaries can’t be used for zebroid mannikins and even harmful to them. So it will be excellent if you find special forage for zebra finch – it will save you from a whole set of problems.

Don’t forget that the millet (switch grass without cover) at long storage terms becomes rancid and it is impossible to give it in crude condition to zebroid finches because they can have loose motion from eating this forage. But the cooked friable millet cereal is very well eaten by birdies and also it is beneficial during pairing-season.


It is necessary to feed zebroid munias strictly in the mornings and desirable every day at the same time. Give them one day norm forage which is defined by practical consideration. On average the daily dose is fluctuates about 1-1.5 teaspoons of grain mix or additional forage.

But, if you don’t want to have a domestic birdie at home, but you like to admire birds, then you can place in your yard the wild bird feeders. The interested volatics in a trice will be flown to the tasty delicacy. And for that you don’t need to spend money on expensive devices, because you can make wild bird feeders diy. Probably, such simple construction will be within everyone depth. But from the beginning you must be stocked by patience, materials and necessary tools.

In wild birds feeding of course only creation of the feeding trough is not enough. Therefore if you want to draw attention of birds which lives in the district, then it will be necessary to examine what they eat. Just look which species of birds living in your area and learn from what their diet consists of. But often various cereals mixes fit the bill in most cases.


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