What bird’s fountain is best for your garden?

The bird fountain will become beautiful addition to your garden. Why? We will tell you in this article. The few things have so pacifying properties as observation of the birds and butterflies soaring around your house and blossoming garden. Complexity is only in forcing them to come back to your yard as to the favorite rest place. It’s simple – as well as humans, our flying friends also seek to satisfy the basic needs.

Many traditional fountainlets and bird’s bath from concrete represent fine decorative elements for a lawn and garden, but however they aren’t especially attractive to birds. They can be too deep or too slippery if their surface is ceramic. Besides, it is difficult to clean these reservoirs, and also they can flaw from low winter temperature. However it is possible to buy bird fountain heater and cold weather will not leave such terrible consequence.


The best variants imitate natural conditions of bird’s bath which represent in pools and small ponds with slow current. If there is an opportunity, try to arrange a bird’s bath in shadow so the water in it will be cool and fresh. The trees with high branches where flyers will be able to sit and clean plumelets will make your fountain even more desired for visit by volatics. Fill its bottom with sand or gravel to provide a good and nonslipping footing. For cold weather put several thick branches or large stones in fountainlet in order to your little feathered guests could stand, without being dipped into water. Also for attraction of bigger number of flyers you can establish bird feeder near fountain.

Little feathery friends find water in the nature closer to the earth therefore they will be attracted more by low fountains. While the birdie takes a bath, she is vulnerable for predators both in the nature, and on your garden site. So if with you have domestic cat, then be convinced that the bird’s water reservoir isn’t in close proximity to his favorite place. Arrange the open area surrounded with a low bush around the fountain. With it volatics able to find presence of a cat, squirrel or other animal and easier simpler and to fly away in case of danger.

Birds must have ability to ford such reservoir easily. Also try to find such fountain bird bath designs which are rather solid, steady against blows and can be easily cleaned.


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