The amazing process of wild hummingbirds bathing

Bathing of humming-bird it is the entertaining show. And the hummingbird bird bath fountains installation – the best way to observe this process. A humming-bird not only one of the most beautiful flyers in the world, but also one of the smallest! This volatic is special in everything: tiny sizes of body (they fluctuate from 2 to 8.5 inches); form of nib (all species of a humming-bird have a long beak, however its form can change from straight to arcuate); ability to fly (hummingbirds the only one in the world that is able to fly back and moves wings “back-forth”, but not “up-down”).

As well as other birds, a humming-bird needs to care plumelets. Water procedures are very urgent for this flier, wear and tear of their feathers is much higher, than among other types of birds (there is no wonder, they make up to 80 wing beats per second!). Clear water will help to humidify plumelets and also clears them from soilure and dirt. Access to clear water will allow them to take care of the feathers and to have the good mood from the bathing process. These birds very much like to frolic in water.


If you love the wild nature – install on the back of yard the hummingbird fountain birdbath. It will be a great opportunity to take care of the health and wellness of these wonderful volatics. Besides you will receive the great way to fill your garden with mottled colors: feathers of these fliers are very bright and colorful. The observation of how they frolic in water splashes will bring many positive emotions too.

You shouldn’t forget that hummingbird bird bath with fountain needs to be kept always clean. Try to fill the tray as often as possible with fresh water for their bathing and drink. It is also necessary to watch on purity of the tray. Wash it every week with brush and flowing water. Since the water in its composition has various minerals, micro-organisms and impurities in the hummingbird bird bath can appear small waterweed growths. In this case you will need to use special detergents (safe for animals) to wash the tray.

The tray for bathing hummingbirds will make possible to adults and children learn more about these representatives of wonderful wildlife. Observation of them will allow enquiring more interesting facts about life and habits of these flyers. And you will be able to fill garden with the unique feeling of unity with nature.


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