House for birds – wonderful design element of backyard or garden

The bird house designs as decor element for your garden will always be fashionable. It is one of the best methods to add life to your yard. Nesting box for birds on par with flowers will give your garden or backyard brightness and fill it with pacifying chirping. You can set up the nesting box on backyard or in garden, so that allow feathered tribe to nest, without being afraid of predators. Nesting boxes also provide shelter and heat during strong winds or cold weather.

Creating such artificial nesting places, we can help to survive rare birds species included in “Red List”. The bird house decoration can be the most different designs and the sizes. This variety turns out from combination of preferences of your “feathered residents”, used materials and your creative imagination.


For all history of nesting boxes, people have created more than fifty types of bird’s houses. These types of bird houses differ depending on construction and placement.

“Construction norms” for bird’s “cottages” aren’t strict at all. It is the best of all to do them from rough board cut. Try to minimize chinks. The birdhouse painting designs is most often presented by any wood protecting coating with neutral shades (green or brown). Don’t paint it from within: birds prefer light internal walls and ceiling.

Irrespective of design there are also several obligatory principles about which it is impossible to forget, creating and setting up the nesting box:

  1. The nesting box has to be set up with an easy inclination forward. Failing this, birds will hardly occupy it;
  2. Internal walls must have a rough uneven surface. Otherwise, to birds it will be hard to get out;
  3. During the time in it start to live parasites. Therefore it is recommended to clear it once a year are got and process walls by boiling water.

The nesting box shall be well constructed, in the strong, waterproof, cool in summer, warm in the winter and comfortable to birds. Make sure that the nesting box can be cleaned while you assemble it. If you are going to buy it check: whether there are no cracks in a tree, outgrowths and other defects which will allow water to get inside. If you creating handmade house, then while decorating bird houses use your imagination to create unique house for feathered tribe which will give appeal to your garden or yard. Today in the pet-shops there is a huge variety of nesting boxes: beginning from the simplest to improved and decorative.

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