Bird houses from bottle gourd

Bottle pumpkins using as rookery for birds is borrowed from India where this method of attraction starlings practiced long ago. And now bird house gourds grant cosiness to many birds.

Mellow bottle pumpkin empty inside with little oblong form has narrowing (neck) closer to a fruit stem. Pumpkin consists from two spherical chambers connected among them by narrow throat. Near peduncle — smaller extension (nesting box top), on the end of pumpkin — bigger. However sometimes you can found pumpkins with pear-shaped form at which the neck isn’t expressed. Experiments on use these gourds as nesting boxes and house for titmice yielded excellent results. Such house for little bird is a cheap method to give featherd tribe shelter and nest place.


How to grow birdhouse gourds? Bottle pumpkins well grow in midlatitudes as they love heat. In more northern regions they can be grown up in greenhouses or on the sunlit slopes of hills. The best – light-textured soils. Gourds don’t carry out the salted and dense clay soils. The agrotechnology of cultivation nothing significantly differs from other melon cultures. Harvest of fruits is carried out gradually, in process of mellow. The mellow hardened and dried pumpkins “rattle” when shaking; they are empty, and seeds aren’t attached to walls inside. It is possible to gather 20 thousand gourds from 2 hectares of crops. From gourd seeds receive technical oil or use them for titmice winter feeding.

It is possible to find a set of various bird house gourds executed in different styles in shops: simple and complicated, bright and natural colors. But it is possible to make house for a birdie diy. Cut entrance sideways of the thickening closest to a peduncle. The upper edge of entrance must go a little beyond the middle of a thickening. On the line marked by pencil do a knife punctures on all circle and pull out the undercut disk. It is possible to do an entrance by sawn with a hacksaw, but doing this better in two steps, with different inclinations of a saw. In that case entrance will not be too big. From pumpkins of a pear-shaped form it is better to produce half-open type rookery, cutting entrance more than 1.5 inch in height and with width to a quarter of all circle of pumpkin. Through the cut opening of entrance shake out the seeds.

The birdhouse gourds for bluebirds weigh no more than 1.5 pound therefore they can be hung up even on thin branches. Thin branches guarantee that the predator won’t approach the nest place.


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