How to create home for birds

You want that in the neighborhood with you lived birds or just wish to present “apartment” to our feathery friends? Bird house pole safe and cozy will be the excellent decision.

Why the nesting box is the best of all to set up on a pole? It is easiest way to secure a nest against predators. The nesting box can be fastening to a tree at the height of 10-13 ft., but only in case that the tree is located in wood. The tree near human housing can be dangerous to fliers as the cat can get into the nest. For this reason bird house pole is the best variant for the yard or a garden. In noisy places the lodge must to be at the height at least 26 ft., otherwise the fliers will not live in it.


Bird house entrance must be turned opposite to the direction of wind. At the same time it is better to install it shadow of tree in order to the direct beams of the sun didn’t overheat the nesting box. It is necessary to focus a nesting box strictly vertically, or with a small inclination forward (but not backward). In that way the entrance will be better protected from rainfall and it will be more convenient to baby volitcs to clamber on an internal wall to an exit.

Also don’t forget that you must reach nesting box every year for preventive cleaning. For this it’s needed to remove him, to dismantle a roof and to clean inside place of bird house.

If you want to attract starlings to your yard or garden, then for these species it is necessary to have one nesting box on 20-25 are. If there will be a lot of nesting boxes, starlings will begin to compete among themselves and as the result all of them can leave the territory.


In shops there are many nesting boxes of different colors and forms which will become decoration of the yard. It is also possible to make bird house pole diy, it also will be very much pleasant to flyers. There are people considering that the nesting box must to be wooden ordinary-looking and imperceptible, and in bright and colorful birds won’t be live. Actually all feathered tribe with pleasure move into and live also in colorful lodges. Truth in that volatics are in least concerned about the color and design of the starling-house, and for them is more important exactly how starling-house was installed, how well was been chosen place for the installation, and how comfortable the flyer feels inside. There is a set of ideas of bird house pole so the feathery friends for certain will like any of them if it guarantees safety and coziness.

Creating and hanging up convenient nesting boxes, you help birds to find comfortable housing to nest, and to grow up healthy baby birds. Because the birds are want the same as all of us – simple family happiness.

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