Which variant of birdhouse diy is better to choose?

What is the spring without cheerful birds twitter when they are coming back from warm countries? And of course homemade bird houses at the summer cottage made by own hands will be the best meeting gift to the coming back birds. Remember the main thing – even the simplest wooden nesting box must have not only an elegant appearance, but also a possibility of easy dismantling and cleaning after birds flying away in autumn.

From many homemade bird houses plans if you have no sufficient experience best of all to choose that, which is the most practical and easy in assembly. It is better to stop the choice on simple option and make him correct, than try to make without due qualification difficult construction with risk that something can go not as expected.


The best of all is to choose those options which within your scope of abilities – then from process of creation of a lodge for volatics will remain only warm memoirs.

Realization one of the best homemade bird houses ideas is to make it from ceramic pot. The nesting box fastens to wall, and the forward side of lodge for birds is attracted by a pin with screws on the ends. It is very simple in creation, but at the same time exclusively convenient lodge option for our feathery friends.

There is no secret that the birds can also be carriers of various diseases therefore cleaning and disinfection of the nesting box which has become empty in autumn will allow to prevent infection and extension of possible diseases among new feathered residents.


The nesting box can be constructed by fastened the details by chosen method – nails, self-tapping screws or special glue. There are a lot of designs of homemade bird houses so it can be bright and multi-colored if paint it with paint. But it is not an obligatory option as volatics not pay much attention to color of nesting box. Better is not to paint internal surfaces because for fliers it will be banal hard to get out conveniently.

After all preparations the convenient, esthetic, beautiful nesting box is ready to meet by its feathery residents. At nesting box installation process it is necessary to consider the location of the last – for example, far away from a barbecue zone in order to smoke didn’t disturb birds. It is also desirable to place the nesting box entrance opposite to lee side, and also in can been inclined forward a little.

Among fruit-trees is the best place for it because wild flyers for posterity feeding will collect various bugs or caterpillars harmful to trees and in the mornings will cheerfully chirp.

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