The excellent help to feathery friends during winter time – nesting boxes made from plastic

The plastic bird houses are irreplaceable devices which help to facilitate the life of many volatics especially in cold winter time though they can be used all the year round. Are popular among at ornithologists and fans of birds as made of practical materials and have the low price.

For production of nesting boxes the plastic is most often used. Manufacturers offer nesting boxes of absolutely different form and a configuration. It can be oblong, round, in the form of the lodge nesting boxes. Everything is depends on the imagination of the producer. It is also possible to make a nesting box diy. For this purpose will be required little time and some abilities. For example plastic bottle bird houses can be made easily by using scissors, an adhesive tape and material to hang up the construction. Such kind of a nesting box is very budget option, but it perfectly performs its functions. Also for production of a nesting box you can use dense fabric which is not only an element of a decor, but also well protects from cold wind and ill-wishers. The plastic canvas bird houses look very interestingly and accurately, its unique shortcoming is that over time it can lose the properties and get wet, and because of it get out of the shape. Very often on trees it is possible to notice bird houses in plastic pipe form. Such adaptation is very convenient for dwelling several volatics at one time. The tubular nesting boxes depending from their size can have different quantity of so-called poles for birds.


Nesting boxes can perform directly several functions – they can be not only the house, but also but also serve as bird feeders. Plastic nesting boxes-feeders are always urgent and can become the house not only to one birdie, but to the whole feathery family. Care for the birdhouses is absolutely not difficult. It is only necessary periodically to pour the forage and to repair seldom occurring defects. It is necessary to watch that the forage didn’t become wet and didn’t spoil as because of moisture and pathogenic substances, it loses all the useful properties and can do much harm to birds.

Purchasing and installation of the nesting box costs small money brings a lot of good. Having got used to the lodge, birds will fly to the same place constantly, to thereby please people. They will be surely grateful for such gift and will reward you with the grateful and cheerful chirping.


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