Top grain mixes for finches

The finch bird seed is the best acquisition for little domestic bird and it has all vitamins and elements necessary for health of your feathery. If you want to have chaffinch pet, then firstly you need to take care of their improvement. Of course it won’t be limited only by cell and birdfeeder because they won’t eat usual bird food. Chaffinches must have a special personal ration. To them it is characteristic to eat millet in 60% from the general grain admixture day norm. Millet can be used yellow, gray, white, and also red color. Though they eat red millet not such well as any another seed specie, but it is obligatory in a ration because of high usefulness. Red color millet contains large number of a provitamin A which is Carotinum. But usage the purified millet (millet) extremely isn’t desirable. Over time, at long storage terms such grain begins to taste bitter. It can be entered into a ration of chaffinches only after preparation in the form of friable porridge. Especially such type of nutrition is useful during their pairing season.

There is other species of cereals enter in finch bird seed mix nutrition complex besides millet. The seeds of flax, colza, salad, chumiz, mogar, grits, canary seeds and also various meadow herbs, wild-growing plants and weeds (clover, dandelion and plantain) must be used in ration of this bird.


Recipes of finch bird food differ depending on the vital period of bird. It can be – rest, pairing, and also feeding of nestling periods. To cite one example: the percentage component of millet during rest – 65%, pairing – 60%, and during feeding of nestling – 55%. Consumption of grits must be increased from 5% to 10% during nestling feeding. And here is the need for seeds of wild-growing plants (meadow herbs, weeds): during rest least of all – 10%, in comparison with 15% during the hyperactivity periods.

Feeding takes place one-time in the morning, each day at the same time desirable. It will be enough about 1-1.5 teaspoons of grain mix without additives for one day. But for each volatic more precise figures is defined by practical consideration.

If you decide to purchase a ready-made grain mix for finches and don’t want to calculate everything all alone, then you should pay attention on the forage for exotic flyers. But such ready forages won’t be suitable to chaffinches if they are designed for pet parakeet or canaries. Of course the best finch bird seed it is a special grain mixes for chaffinches. They are accurately calculated for this bird species proceeding from characteristic habitual grains which they eat.


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