Which type of heater needed for birds?

In winter time temperature in apartments despite heating is much lower than in summer. For this reason domestic thermophilic flyers (such as parrots, amandine, canaries, etc.) need bird heater. It is the device which is located in a cell of the feathery pet (or fastens outside) and radiates heat or warm air. The heater can be also placed in any place of your apartment where the bird likes to sit.

Heaters for the feathered people can be absolutely different, so you can choose that variant which meets your requirements. There are small models with the size of mobile phone designed to the one birdie. Usually they fasten near a pole that your feathery friend could sit near a heater and be heated. Such option perfectly will suit big, hasteless birds, such as large parrots. For little, restless birdies will better suit the heater for birds which is located in center of a cage and heats air. The heating element placed under a trellised cap and therefore it is absolutely safe for animals. Such model will be suitable also for volatics family or flock which lives in large cage.


The heaters described above are powered from electricity mains therefore a cord – their weak point, because curious flyers can cut it with nib. Therefore this detail needs to be masked carefully during installation.

The mini-heaters on batteries are used as poles. The bird to sit down on such pole and heats their pads and paunch. These heaters for birds are pertinent when in the apartment it is cool, but isn’t too cold.

Not only domestic, but also wild birdies need special care in the winter. In cold season when all liquid water freezes the little fliers still have need in drink. At this case the warmed trays will become good aid for them. Different ideas of bird heater for trays can be found in pet-shops and on the Internet. Such heaters are placed on a tray bottom and connected to electricity mains, maintaining in tray constant temperature, comfortable for a bird. If you install such warmed bath at backyard, volatics will arrive to you to drink waters and to be warmed.


Such devices are consuming is not a lot of electricity, so don’t worry for the fact that use of such heater will affect your prosperity.

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